Pinawa's weekly newspaper - The Paper!

Pinawa's first 'newspaper' was a legal-sized bulletin first published in Deep River, Ontario. Called the 'Gazette', it was the sole source of information about a new town being carved out of the wilderness where voyageurs once travelled.

The Gazette is long gone, but The Paper has been around since 1995.

The Paper is Pinawa's longest-running independent weekly newspaper, featuring local stories written for and about Pinawa. It has been a home-based business since 2003, but prior to that it was located at WB Lewis Business Centre.

The Paper provides its readers with an opportunity to catch up on the week's news and activities, and they can look ahead to what's happening in the next few weeks with Upcoming Events. Advertisers love the distinct look their ads have in The Paper, and one advertiser recently commented that he had more response from an ad in The Paper than he did in the other regional papers combined!

Editor/publisher Louise Daymond is still somewhat surprised by the impact The Paper has on the community. "If it's late getting to the post office," she says, "we hear about it right away. The funny thing is that people immediately assume that they didn't renew their subscription on time!" The Paper is delivered to the post office on Wednesday mornings, sometimes only scant hours after the last label has been put on. "I like to think I'm getting better about meeting my own deadlines," Louise says, but when you're a one-person operation it can be tough doing the writing, layout, printing, folding, collating, and labelling by 5pm Tuesday. Husband Don has gradually become The Paper's "Jimmy Olsen", covering stories and taking photos. "He's the guy folding the papers at 2 in the morning, then delivering them at 8. I couldn't do it without him."

The Paper is available online at click on Recent Issues to see the current edition, as well as back issues.

Oh, and that deadline? It's 5pm Friday to reserve space, and Monday at 5pm to get it in.

Posted March 3, 2009